Baltimore Mayor's Race

For Pugh, it's a race to primary day

Apr 25, 2016
Rachel Baye

With the primary election looming on Tuesday, this weekend was the start of a sprint to the finish line for state Senator Catherine Pugh in her bid to be the Democratic nominee for mayor.

Mosby out; backs Pugh

Apr 13, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns

Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby announced Wednesday that he is no longer running for mayor and is throwing his support behind state Senator Catherine Pugh.

The announcement in front of City Hall came hours before early voting is to begin in the primary race that largely decides city races due to the overwhelming number of registered Democrats.

Mayor’s Race: Final TV Debate Quiet Affair

Apr 13, 2016
Maryland Public Television

  The six major Democratic candidates for Mayor squared off last night in the final televised debate before the April 26 primary. However, the rules of the debate kept the candidates from questioning each other, which allowed the frontrunner to escape virtually unscathed. 

John Lee

The Democratic candidates to be Baltimore's next mayor outlined their plans to cut city property taxes at a forum in South Baltimore Thursday night. WYPR's John Lee joined Morning Edition Host Nathan Sterner Friday morning to talk about that.

Haunted by her past?

Mar 4, 2016

Fraser Smith and John Lee, of the WYPR news team talk about former Mayor Sheila Dixon's corruption plea and how her opponents in the race for mayor are using it against her.

Mayor's race got you down?

Mar 3, 2016


WYPR's senior news analyst has some advice for those of you frustrated with media coverage of the Baltimore mayor's race.

Bus Routes To Bike Lanes

Feb 26, 2016
John Lee

Several candidates running to be Baltimore's next mayor talked about everything from bus routes to bike lanes at a forum Thursday night focused on fixing Baltimore’s multiple transportation problems. WYPR’s John Lee joined Morning Edition host Nathan Sterner to talk about it.

Pugh Touts Insider Status

Feb 10, 2016
John Lee

Pundits have suggested the results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary are an indication of a national trend toward revolutionaries and insurgents. But at least one of the candidates to be Baltimore’s next mayor says the anti- insider movement won’t reach the local race.

In her campaign for the city’s top office, state Senator Catherine Pugh touts her years of public service, including stints on City Council and in the House of Delegates.

The Mayor's Race: Vox Populi

Feb 10, 2016
John Lee

The candidates to be Baltimore’s next mayor are out there knocking on doors, making phone calls, attending forums and hearing from the voters. 

John Lee


The field of Democratic candidates running to be Baltimore's next mayor got a little more crowded Wednesday night, and according to one observer, "very, very interesting." 

DeRay McKesson, a prominent activist in the Black Lives Matter movement, filed as a Democrat just before the 9 p.m. deadline. McKesson is the 13th Democrat vying for the party’s nomination.