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About two years ago, Baltimore County officials announced a plan to provide all students with a computer and other high-tech devices. This year, they are testing that plan in ten Lighthouse schools where first through third graders are using computers daily in their lessons.

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Republican gubernatorial hopeful Larry Hogan is at risk of being defined by his opponent, according to a recent editorial by the Baltimore Sun. Sun editorial page editor Andy Green joins WYPR's Fraser Smith to talk about the message war between Hogan and his rival, Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.

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The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

Have ever had the two moments so jarringly juxtaposed? The fall of Ray Rice and the rise of the O’s? We are as distressed by the first as we are elated by the latter.

As the Rice matter continues to unfold, we are treated to the elation of seeing Orioles magic turn into something like routine. We know it all can turn to ashes. And that’s part of the thrill. You’re skating on the edge, finding a way to get the job done, as they say now.

Big money is moving in this election, but when it comes to who’s watching the money in elections in Maryland, the answer is not a whole lot of people. You’ve got the State Board of Elections, but in terms of stalwart non-partisan, civil society organizations that watch who’s paying whom and how much… there’s really just the one: Common Cause Maryland.

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Howard County will elect a new executive in November to replace Democrat Ken Ulman. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Amanda Yeager of the Howard County Times talk about the two well-known candidates running for the office and why the race has taken a strident tone.

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  The Baltimore Orioles clinched the American League Eastern Division title last night, giving the city a huge boost of good news after more than a week of decidedly unhappy happenings.

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There’s not much Republican gubernatorial hopeful Larry Hogan has in common with Del. Heather Mizeur, a Montgomery County progressive who lost a bid for the Democratic gubernatorial ticket this year. But the two were the first candidates in 20 years to use Maryland’s public campaign financing program and, unless the legislature moves to re-fund it, they may be the state’s last gubernatorial candidates to rely on public money.

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There are a flood of questions that have spilled in the week since the release of a video showing former Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his now wife unconscious.

One is whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will lose his job over his inept handling of the matter, as he initially suspended Rice just two games, then upped the punishment to an indefinite suspension after a torrent of criticism.

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Walk a couple of blocks downtown and you can see Baltimore’s theater past. And part of its future.

Mr. Key's Questions

Sep 15, 2014
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As we all know, the first line of the first stanza of Francis Scott Key’s poem, the Defense of Ft. McHenry, talks about the “dawn’s early light.” So, why did the folks at Fort McHenry wait till 9 a.m. Sunday to raise that giant replica of the 1814 flag that inspired Key and say it was going up at the very moment 200 years later that Key saw the flag?