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Sparrows Point: The Plan, The Cleanup, and The Promise

Jeff Kubina/Flickr

Sparrows Point: The Plan, The Cleanup, and The Promise

There was a time when Bethlehem Steel’s gigantic plant at Sparrows Point dominated life and the economy on the lower east side of Baltimore County.  Everybody knew somebody who worked "downa Point."  But those days are gone.  The plant is shuttered and nearby businesses struggle to stay alive.

Now, there are plans afoot to clean up the environmental mess left behind, develop the 3,100 acres for new businesses and breathe life back into the region’s all but moribund economy. In this series, WYPR reports on the plans, the clean-up effort and the promise of a better future.

Sparrows Point: Planning A Rebirth
Sparrows Point: Cleaning Up After A Century Of Making Steel
Sparrows Point: Hoping For The Return Of The Good Times