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Deconstructing Vacants

Deconstructing Vacants

Baltimore, like many older cities in America, has a problem with vacant houses that often stretch on for blocks, creating urban blight that depresses property values, stymies redevelopment efforts and serves as a hub for crime.

In this series, WYPR examines the issues behind the problem and the efforts to find solutions.

Deconstructing Vacants is made possible by a grant from the Goldseker Foundation.

  • The 2200 block of Callow Avenue in Reservoir Hill has been described as the hole in the doughnut of redevelopment in that West Baltimore neighborhood.…
  • There is a house on Stonewood Road in the New Northwood neighborhood in Northeast Baltimore that is clearly falling apart.The rain gutters are hanging on…
  • Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s Vacants to Value Initiative aims to reduce the blight of vacant houses in the city by giving people incentives to buy…
  • North Avenue, possibly the longest, straightest east-west street in Baltimore, provides a snapshot of how urban blight affects the city.Once a bustling…