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Pugh Touts Insider Status

John Lee

Pundits have suggested the results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary are an indication of a national trend toward revolutionaries and insurgents. But at least one of the candidates to be Baltimore’s next mayor says the anti- insider movement won’t reach the local race.

In her campaign for the city’s top office, state Senator Catherine Pugh touts her years of public service, including stints on City Council and in the House of Delegates.

Appearing on WYPR’s Maryland Morning Wednesday, she dismissed any notion that could work against her in the current political climate.

"You have to understand not only how to run a business, but you also have to understand the politics of the city," Pugh said. "I bring that experience to bear on this city. I’m not just a politician. And some people say just a politician. I like being a public servant."

Pugh praised Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake, who is not running for re-election, for being fiscally responsible, increasing the city’s share of the school budget, and lowering property taxes.

And she said she’s not bothered that fellow state Senator Lisa Gladden endorsed one of her opponents, businessman David Warnock. Pugh said she expects to win the endorsements of all of Baltimore’s other state Senators.

Pugh is one of 13 Democrats running for the party’s nomination for Mayor. The primary is April 26.