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They say that there’s a national championship college football game being played Monday night. I hear that one of the teams involved is Alabama and the other is Clemson. I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t watched a second of college football all season.

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For Ravens fans, what you make of the just completed worst season since 2007 is based largely on what you make of the following numbers: Two, four, five, six, 14 and 19. 

In The Aftermath Of The Storm

Jan 29, 2016


Fraser Smith and Luke Broadwater, of the Baltimore Sun, discuss the politics of snow removal.

Of Governors, Lawmakers and Horse Trading

Jan 28, 2016

WYPR's senior news analyst focuses on Larry Hogan's governing style, budgets and the inevitable Annapolis horse trading.

Hogan's Budget And Baltimore's Blight

Jan 27, 2016


Fraser Smith asks Andy Green, of the Baltimore Sun editorial board, "Where's the beef?" when it comes to Gov. Larry Hogan's budget and his promise to spend $75 million over the next five years to rid Baltimore of blighted vacant houses.

Overriding Vetoes

Jan 22, 2016


Fraser Smith and Bryan Sears, of the Daily Record, talk about counting votes and overriding vetoes.

Hogan Strong

Jan 15, 2016

WYPR's news director Joel McCord, and Karen Hosler, of the WYPR news team, talk about the respect Gov. Larry Hogan has gotten, from both sides of the aisle, for the way he's handled his non Hodgkin's Lymphoma fight.

The Politics of Language

Jan 13, 2016


Fraser Smith and John Fritze of the Baltimore Sun's Washington Bureau, discuss Congresswoman Donna Edwards' complaints about reporters' word choices in covering the Baltimore unrest and the takeover of federal property in Oregon.

Turning Over The City Council

Jan 8, 2016


Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith and Luke Broadwater, of the Baltimore Sun, talk about upcoming city elections and the possibility of large scale turnover on the City Council.

Trump Not A Flash In The Pan After All

Jan 7, 2016


Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith and Mileah Kromer, head of the Goucher Poll, talk about Donald Trump's continuing strong poll numbers. Kromer concedes she was wrong in July.