Maryland Statehouse

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For students like Clarksburg High School senior Angie Nseliema, standardized tests mean a disruption of the normal school routine.

On the first day of state-mandated exams, she missed all her classes for the first half of the day and had substitute teachers the rest of the day.

Five states allow physicians to help terminally ill patients end their lives. Now, the Maryland General Assembly is considering legalizing the practice here. Supporters call it death with dignity. Opponents say it’s physician-assisted suicide.

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Governor Martin O’Malley delivered his final state of the state speech today in Annapolis. Over the course of about 30 minutes, O’Malley took something of a victory lap, listing his achievements over the last seven years – from legalizing same sex marriage and passing the DREAM Act to repealing the death penalty and enacting gun control legislation. All in all, he said, the state of the state is strong.