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Shaking up gun control debate

Jun 17, 2016


Fraser Smith and John Fritze, of the Baltimore Sun's Washington Bureau, discuss potential changes in the gun control debate now that the GOP's presumptive nominee has veered from party orthodoxy.

State legislative leaders push new gun controls

Feb 10, 2016
Rachel Baye

State legislative leaders announced a package of gun control measures Wednesday. At the center of the effort is a bill that would ban guns and other weapons from public college and university campuses.

The goal of the measure is not to stop mass shootings. Sen. Rich Madaleno, a Montgomery County Democrat and sponsor of the legislation, said he aims to stop the shootings that occur in one-on-one situations.

State lawmakers eye tax cuts, guns, transportation

Jan 13, 2016
Rachel Baye

Tax cuts, criminal justice reforms and transportation projects are all on the table as state lawmakers return to Annapolis on Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled a plan to cut taxes for retirees, families earning less than $53,000 a year, and small businesses.

With the plan, the Republican governor issued a challenge to the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Beretta Should Reconsider Its Decision To Move

Jul 24, 2014
Tom Chalkley

Maryland’s new gun control law seems to be saving lives.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

Lawmakers in Annapolis wrapped up the first month of the 2014 General Assembly today. WYPR's Joel McCord and Christopher Connelly talk about what happened this week.

“In Maryland,” a new radio ad begins, “we stood up. Because something had to be done.” What the Maryland General Assembly did was require background checks and fingerprinting for buyers of handguns as of October 1 – hence the new advertisement.

Gun Permits, Backlogs And Privacy

Sep 13, 2013

With Maryland’s tough gun control laws about to take effect October first, there’s been a rush on to make purchases at firearms dealers throughout the state, creating a backlog of tens of thousands of gun purchase background checks.

Gun rights advocates complained bitterly that if the backlog weren’t cleaned out before the new law goes into effect, those whose permits were caught in the backlog may have to start all over again under tighter restrictions. Or worse, they may not be able to buy their intended weapons at all.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Erin Cox of the Baltimore Sun talk about the backlog in background check requests for gun buyers and what some gun dealers are doing about it.

More than a month after their success in this year’s General Assembly, gun control campaigners are still smiling. And wondering if their success might be duplicated elsewhere.

An overhaul of Maryland's gun laws and a repeal of the state's death penalty are facing petition drives which, if successful, would have MD voters decide whether they go into effect. A legislative hearing on the corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center that had been scheduled for next week has been rescheduled for June and expanded to include more lawmakers. And Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz calls for a new shipping terminal at Sparrows Point, a move he says will create 10-thousand new jobs over 10 years.