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Hood College in Frederick plans to offer its first doctoral program, leading to a Ph.D. in organizational leadership.

Roger Stenersen, director of the school's Educational Leadership Program, tells The Frederick News-Post that Hood aims to prepare students to lead public and private institutions.

He says the doctoral program would be a next step for those who've earned a master's degree in business administration or educational leadership.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

Republican Blaine Young (R) lost his run to be the first Frederick County Executive. But in a deft procedural move Monday, he secured a place on the county's Planning Commission. WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to Bethany Rodgers of the Frederick News-Post about how Young's maneuver means he'll still have a say in county planning decisions.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

In their first election under charter government, voters in Frederick County rejected a conservative radio talk show host for county executive but gave the Democratic winner a majority Republican County Council. Cliff Cumber, the editorial page editor at the Frederick News Post, joins WYPR’s Joel McCord by phone to talk about the results.

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Two years ago, Frederick County voted to move to a county executive system. The move reflected the county’s growing population and complexity. On Tuesday, voters will decide who will run that new county government. Exactly how Frederick will continue to grow has become a major issue in the campaign.

Driving down Route 75 in southeastern Frederick, you get a sense of the rural nature of many parts of this county. Farm fields and country homes dot the two-lane country road. But Steve McKay says it’s the epicenter for bad growth policies enacted by the Republican-dominated board of county commissioners.

Familiar Figures Compete For New Post In Frederick

Sep 1, 2014

This fall, residents of Frederick County will elect their first-ever County Executive. WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to Bethany Rodgers of the Frederick News-Post about the two nominees for the office, their backgrounds and their platforms.

Frederick Primed For Competitive State Senate Race

Jul 7, 2014

WYPR's Nathan Sterner and Jeremy Bauer-Wolf of talk about Sen. David Brinkley's loss to Del. Michael Hough in the primaries, and how that upset teed up a general election race with Democrat Dan Rupli.

Frederick Outgrows County Commissioner System

Mar 24, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Cliff Cumber of the Frederick News-Post talk about why Frederick County is set to move from a commissioner system to a charter government, with a county executive and seven-member county council, in December.

Frederick Keeps Its Mayor; Annapolis Waits

Nov 6, 2013
Karen Hosler / WYPR

WYPR's Karen Hosler and Joel McCord report on mayoral elections in Annapolis and Frederick.

Joel McCord / WYPR

Voters in Frederick head to the polls Tuesday to elect a mayor and city council. But as in many off-year municipal elections, the turnout in Maryland’s second largest city is expected to be low.

The Running Game: The Mayoral Race in Frederick

Sep 3, 2013
Joel McCord / WYPR

Voters in Frederick will go to the polls next week to choose their parties’ candidates for mayor and alderman. And the mayoral race has gotten crowded.

Randy McClement, the incumbent Republican mayor has two opponents from within his own party, Jeff Holtzinger, the mayor he replaced, and Shelley Aloi, a first term alderwoman.

Meanwhile, Delegate Galen Clagett, a Democrat, is facing off against Karen Young, the wife of State Senator Ron Young, one of Clagett’s old friends and a political ally. Karen Young also is in her first term on the Board of Alderman.