Election 2014

How Hogan Staged This Upset

Nov 6, 2014
Christopher Connelly / WYPR

Within days after last June’s primary, pollsters had written off Republican Larry Hogan in his race against Lt. Governor Anthony Brown. But somehow, Hogan pulled off a stunning upset, capturing more than 51 percent of the vote for governor in one of the bluest states in the nation.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

Republican Larry Hogan will be Maryland’s next governor. Now he has just a few short months to organize a smooth hand-off from outgoing Gov. Martin O’Malley.

At an Annapolis news conference Wednesday morning, Hogan said he’s turned his focus from the campaign to governing. “We’ve got a lot of work to do. Our state economy is in real trouble. We’ve focused on that for years and now we’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get to work trying to turn our state around,” Hogan said.

Red Upset In Blue Maryland

Nov 5, 2014
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Larry Hogan was elected yesterday to become the state’s second Republican governor in a half century. It was a startling political upset that raised questions about Maryland’s image as a comfort zone for Democrats.

Is Hogan Victory Part Of Anti-Obama Wave?

Nov 5, 2014
Christopher Connelly / WYPR

Republican Larry Hogan's upset over Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown stood out in a night of big victories by the GOP around the country. But Richard Cross of the blog Cross Purposes tells WYPR's Fraser Smith why he thinks Hogan's win is not part of the anti-Obama wave.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

In their first election under charter government, voters in Frederick County rejected a conservative radio talk show host for county executive but gave the Democratic winner a majority Republican County Council. Cliff Cumber, the editorial page editor at the Frederick News Post, joins WYPR’s Joel McCord by phone to talk about the results.

Christopher Connelly / WYPR

WYPR’s news staff fanned out throughout the state on this election day. Political reporters Christopher Connelly and Karen Hosler start our coverage with reports on the two men who hope to be the next governor.

Early Voters Change The Way Campaigns Do Business

Nov 3, 2014

Maryland will elect a governor and a new General Assembly on Tuesday, but already more than 300,000 Marylanders have cast their ballots. The state has expanded early voting over the last few election cycles. Political scientist Paul Gronke from Reed College's Early Voting Information Center says campaign operatives across the political spectrum have embraced early voting in this year's election. But, he tells WYPR's Fraser Smith, exactly how much early voting impacts election outcomes remains unclear.

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Two years ago, Frederick County voted to move to a county executive system. The move reflected the county’s growing population and complexity. On Tuesday, voters will decide who will run that new county government. Exactly how Frederick will continue to grow has become a major issue in the campaign.

Driving down Route 75 in southeastern Frederick, you get a sense of the rural nature of many parts of this county. Farm fields and country homes dot the two-lane country road. But Steve McKay says it’s the epicenter for bad growth policies enacted by the Republican-dominated board of county commissioners.

Why Mike Miller Is Helping Jim Brochin's Campaign

Oct 31, 2014
Christopher Connelly / WYPR

In an effort to maintain their strong Democratic majorities, General Assembly leaders are using campaign "slate" funds to help the lawmakers that are vulnerable in this year's election. WYPR's Karen Hosler and Fraser Smith explain how it works.

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With just days left before Maryland chooses its next governor, both campaigns have shifted into high gear to get out the vote. In Baltimore, the city’s robust political machine is ratcheted up, and that machine belongs to the Democrats.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown rallied about four dozen troops in his Baltimore field office on Eutaw Street making calls on his behalf – and told them that the city’s turnout will be part of his pathway to victory. It was one of many trips Brown’s made to the city to drive early voters to the polls. He spent most of Wednesday Baltimore, waving signs and greeting voters. He’s back Thursday morning for more.