Speeding Up Innovation in East Baltimore

Feb 11, 2015
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

  Ed Yoon, chief technology officer of dataFascia, is drawing a diagram on a wall in his office.  Don’t worry; the paint used in the offices turns a boring wall into a dry erase board.

His company is working on a way to make electronic health records, EHRs, more available to app developers.

“In essence, we’re sort of a middleware lair that allows us to take data from different EHR's and abstract that in a way so that the app developer is just looking at the data; not caring really caring where the data's actually coming from,” says Yoon.

On the sixth floor, Lauren Dickinson and Matthew Davenport with Gemstone Biotherapeutics, a regenerative medicine company, sets up new equipment in a shared lab space.

The two companies, dataFascia and Gemstone, are among several companies that have moved into Johns Hopkins University’s second business accelerator, Fast Forward East, at the corner of North Wolfe Street and Ashland Avenues.

The school is to hold an open house Wednesday.

NYC Eatery Hygiene Grade Pending by Mike Licht, via flickr

Baltimore restaurant owners may soon have to brush up on the A, B and Cs of health department inspections, if City Councilman Brandon Scott’s bill makes it to the mayor’s desk.

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Late August is peak vacation season, and boardwalks up and down the coasts are crowded. Many beach towns attract musicians, jugglers and costumed characters who work the boardwalk for tips.

Ocean City, Md., is grappling with an influx of new boardwalk performers — some of whom are generating lots of controversy. The trend may be the unintended consequence of a couple of legal victories for the town's street performers.

Maryland Offshore Wind Industry Takes the Next Step

Aug 19, 2014
Hans Hillewaert via Wikimedia Commons

The federal government holds an auction Tuesday for two leases to develop wind farms in federal waters off Ocean City.

Will Maryland Get McCormick's New Office Site?

Jun 30, 2014

Spice company McCormick is looking for a new location for its office workers. WYPR's Joel McCord and Kevin Litten of the Baltimore Business Journal talk about a couple of Baltimore sites that might be attractive to the iconic Maryland company.

It would have been the biggest deal the pharmaceutical industry has seen in more than a decade. But for now, it's off the table.

Pfizer has withdrawn its offer to buy British drug company AstraZeneca for about $119 billion.

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which makes Lipitor and Viagra, has been circling its smaller rival AstraZeneca for months.

AstraZeneca, which makes Nexium and Crestor, has rejected every offer saying Pfizer undervalues the company, and that it wants to remain independent.

Maureen Harvie/WYPR

Changes to Maryland's medical marijuana program are expected to set off a “green rush” of entrepreneurs eager to get in on the action.



NPR's business news starts with a $9 billion grocery sale.


WERTHEIMER: The no. 2 grocery chain in the U.S., Safeway, is being acquired by the owner of Albertson's, the fifth largest grocer. Cerberus Capital Management is paying just over $40 a share for Safeway, the company said last night. The multi-billion-dollar deal creates a food retailer with more than 2,400 stores and more than 250,000 employees. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post talk about letters sent to Governor O'Malley and House Speaker Mike Busch from the production company that makes the Netflix drama "House of Cards."