Board of Public Works

Rachel Baye

The fight over air conditioning in Baltimore County schools boiled over at Wednesday’s state Board of Public Works meeting.

The board voted to withhold school construction money from both the county and Baltimore City until the two jurisdictions release a plan for putting air-conditioning in every classroom by the start of the next school year.

Protesters Hope To Stop Traffic To Stop Youth Jail

May 26, 2015

Dozens of demonstrators led by the Rev. Jamal Bryant blocked traffic on major roads into downtown Baltimore Tuesday morning to protest the state’s decision to build a new youth jail.

The state Board of Public Works approved building the $30 million dollar facility May 13 in response to concerns from federal officials who said the state-run Baltimore City Detention Center was breaking the law by keeping youthful offenders facing serious charges alongside adults.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Bryan Sears of the Daily Record talk about the Board of Public Works' decision to cut money from the state budget amid less-than-expected revenues. They also touch on why Comptroller Peter Franchot is urging both parties to talk more seriously about Maryland's fiscal situation.

BPW Delays Decision On Kent Island Development

Jul 25, 2013

Maryland’s Board of Public Works has delayed a decision on a controversial 1000+ unit development on Kent Island.

At yesterday’s meeting, all three members of the Board made clear their opposition to the plan.

State Treasurer Nancy Kopp said “It’s incredible that we would increase density on Kent Island, with sea level rises, storm surges… everything else.”