Barbara Mikulski

Mikulski Heads Into The Home Stretch

Jan 6, 2016
Sean Potter, NOAA.

Barbara Mikulski takes off this week on the victory lap of her career as the Senate’s longest serving woman.

Friends and allies say that thanks in part to her, the exclusive 100-member body she’s leaving is much changed from the old boys club the social worker from East Baltimore burst into three decades ago. Mikulski blew past a sitting governor and an influential Congressman to arrive in the august marble chamber in 1987, one of only two women in the Senate. Thanks in part to her efforts, there are now 20 women senators; not near equal to the 50 percent female share of the US population, but a huge improvement. 

Mikulski Receives Medal Of Freedom

Nov 25, 2015
Karen Hosler / WYPR

US Senator Barbara Mikulski has been awarded the nation's highest civilian honor: the Medal of Freedom. The longest-serving woman in the history of the US Congress was hailed as a groundbreaking champion of women's rights, and celebrated for her career-long activism. WYPR's Karen Hosler was at yesterday's White House ceremony, and tells us some of what happened.

As Baltimore continues to struggle with an unrelenting surge of murders and shootings, the city’s police department announced a new task force yesterday to help stop the bloodshed. The announcement comes after Baltimore ended its deadliest month since 1972.

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Sen. Ben Cardin was in Baltimore yesterday talking up federal legislation he introduced in the wake of the unrest following the death of Freddie Gray. Cardin’s so-called BALTIMORE Act, which is co-sponsored by Sen. Barbara Mikulski, is a push to improve police-community relations.

This is one of those bills where you can really see how far politicians are willing to stretch to make an acronym that works. It’s the Building And Lifting Trust In order to Multiply Opportunities and Racial Equality Act – the BALTIMORE Act.

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Sen. Barbara Mikulski was in Sandtown Monday to talk with clergy about criminal justice reforms at the federal level, and discussed measures being considered in the Senate aimed at strengthening police-community relations.

Mikulski is the top-ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations committee.  That committee gave approval last week to a spending bill that includes initiatives Mikulski thinks can improve policing. She said the protests following the death of Freddie Gray from injuries sustained in police custodies put light to a problem that exists in communities across the nation.

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Gov. Larry Hogan and the state’s Congressional delegation met Monday morning to discuss Maryland’s federal priorities, and bringing the new FBI headquarters to Maryland was at the top of the list. The project, with its 11,500 jobs, seemed enough to overcome any partisan differences between Maryland’s mostly Democratic congressional delegation and its Republican governor.

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Sen. Barbara Mikulski declared herself the "titular leader of the MD Democratic Party" in a recent message to top Democrats. She also called them to a meeting to plan the state party's future. WYPR's Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith talks to Josh Kurtz of Center Maryland about Mikulski's effort to exert more control.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Josh Kurtz of Center Maryland talk about the crisis of more than 50,000 undocumented children at the border, and the role of Maryland politicians in addressing it.

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Maryland Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin toured Baltimore’s 99-year-old Montebello water filtration plant this morning. The lawmakers were there to build their case for federal help in modernizing aging facilities across the nation.

Why Budget Deal Is A Win For Mikulski

Dec 13, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and John Fritze of the Baltimore Sun talk about Congress' proposed budget deal, what it means for federal workers, and how two Maryland elected officials are affected.