This Year, The Governor, House President, and Senate President Are A Dynamic Trio

May 16, 2013

Credit Mr. T in DC via Compfight
"The NRA is going to choose forum shopping. They are going to look for a conservative, right wing leaning judge rather than go to the people of the state of Maryland. Because they know that if this bill went to the people, it would pass overwhelmingly."

What a difference a few months make. The political trio of O’Malley, Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch that last year couldn’t pass a budget on time celebrated a bumper crop of successful bills.  Chief among them:  new gun controls and higher gas taxes.  Gas taxes are going up and gun ownership faces new hurdles thanks to legislation signed into law today by Governor Martin O’Malley and these top legislative leaders. 

Miller, who has been in the top Senate job for 26 years and often seems in control of events, was particularly outspoken. He came out swinging at the National Rifle Association, which is planning to challenge the Maryland gun law in court rather than rely on a rejection by referendum.  Earlier today, he said,    On gas taxes, Miller was reflective.  He remarked, "We waited too long from 1992 to this year to get it done. But as I rode down here today I saw paving getting done, I saw grass getting cut in the median strip, I saw pot holes being filled, we’re starting to make progress.”  The new tax takes effect July 1.  Fill up now.