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00000176-770f-dc2f-ad76-7f0fad7b0000WYPR's Mary Rose Madden went to Rwanda with the International Reporting Project for two weeks in November 2011.Throughout their travels, they went to the country's capital, Kigali, and into the rural countryside.They met doctors, genocide-rape counselors, Rwandan journalists, President Kagame, and many Rwandans who were very busy farming, making charcoal, or biking their goods through "the land of a thousand hills."Contact Mary Rose Madden at [email protected]. Emily Smith was the Research Assistant. Deb George was the Editor.

Rwanda Looks to Nature for Economic Growth

Mary Rose Madden

In Rwanda, April is a time for remembrance. Beginning on April 6, 1994, and continuing for the next three months, nearly a million people were killed in a genocide.

The final installment of Mary Rose Madden's series "Rwanda's Next Steps: A Generation Living in Genocide's Aftermath" looks at how Rwanda was faring in 2011. The country is rebuilding in astonishing ways, and Rwanda's image is trying to catch up.