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With early voting over, it’s all about Primary Day

John Lee

Record numbers turned out for primary early voting last week and now the campaigns shift to getting their voters to the polls on primary day.

The candidates and their supporters will be fanning out over the city for the final four days of the campaign. And if you didn’t vote early, the campaigns will know. They will be looking for you, especially if they already believe you are a friendly.

“Once we identify them, we will target them and go knocking on their door to try to get out the vote,” says Reggie Fugett, who is running for City Council in the 8th District.

Campaigns will be running phone banks, sending stuff to your mail box and making public appearances. There will be TV ads in the mayor’s race. Between now and Tuesday it’s all about candidates getting on your radar screen and convincing you to vote; for them.

Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, who’s trying to get her old job back, cast her ballot Thursday, the final day of early voting, at the Westside Skill Center.

“I think it’s exciting that people are coming out to vote,” Dixon says. “Whether or not it’s a tight race, I can’t tell you. I don’t have a crystal ball.”

Dixon says her campaign will be knocking on doors, calling people, going to parades and to a little league baseball game this weekend.

“All I know is that we’re out there,” Dixon says.