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Mosby Says Mayoral Election Not About Him And His Wife

P. Kenneth Burns

Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby denied Wednesday there would be a conflict of interest if he’s elected Mayor, even though his wife, Marilyn Mosby, is state’s attorney. Appearing on WYPR’s Maryland Morning, Mosby said it's fair to raise the conflict question, then dismissed it. 

He told host Tom Hall that the state attorney’s budget is a small fraction of the city’s three point two billion dollar spending plan. Hall pointed out that that still amounts to 32 million dollars, which is "a lot of money." 

"Yeah, but it’s the same money every year," Mosby countered. "It’s not like it gets any benefit because I become mayor."

Mosby said if he becomes mayor, he will try to do something about the pockets of poverty in the city. For example, he would like to tear down Gilmor Homes in West Baltimore.

People who live in the public housing project say it is unlivable. Mosby said residents would not have to leave the neighborhood. There are vacant properties that could be turned into affordable housing. And he said he would try to bring workforce development and manufacturing to the area.

Mosby is one of more than a dozen Democrats vying for the party’s nomination for mayor. The primary is April 26.