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Kamenetz says Governor Is Shutting Him Out Of School Board Appointments

John Lee

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz took aim Monday at Governor Larry Hogan’s handling of appointments to the county school board. 

Appearing on WYPR’s Mid-Day, Kamenetz said former Governor Martin O’Malley consulted with him before making an appointment to the county school board. But Hogan, Kamenetz said, is not doing that.

"He hasn’t consulted me whatsoever or taken my advice maybe or recommendations regarding appointments and I am concerned about the future of the school board," Kamenetz said.

He cited, for example, Hogan’s appointment of Ann Miller, a Republican activist and blogger who opposes the common core curriculum, to the board. She is one of eight appointments Hogan has made so far to the 12 member board.

A spokesman for the Governor said school board selections have been a bi-partisan process, with the governor considering names given to him by Kamenetz as well as the county’s state senators, Democrat and Republican alike.

On another school-related topic, Kamenetz said he is worried that the school board might not renew the contract of Superintendent Dallas Dance. And if that happens, he warned, Dance could wind up in Montgomery County.

Montgomery has been looking for a new superintendent since last February when former superintendent Joshua Starr stepped down. Kamenetz said he believes that county’s school board is holding off on its choice because it’s waiting to see if Baltimore County is going to send Dance packing. The Baltimore County board is to decide in February whether to reappoint Dance.