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Del. Don Dwyer Stripped Of Committee Assignment

Anne Arundel County Police

Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer was stripped of his assignment to the House Ways and Means committee Thursday, the second time he’s lost a committee assignment in as many years.

Dwyer was removed from his post on the Judiciary committee after he was caught driving a boat while drunk. Judiciary deals with matters of criminal law, including drunk driving. The Pasadena Republican was instead assigned to Ways and Means. But in October, he was convicted of driving his Cadillac under the influence.  
The judge ordered Dwyer to jail time, so he’ll spend most weekends during the 2014 legislative session in jail.
House Speaker Mike Busch is in charge of committee assignments, and says there must be consequences for lawmakers who break the law.  “I had a discussion with Del. Dwyer and he understands,” Busch said. “But I think that you have to take some type of action to protect all the other individuals that are members of the house, and I think it was appropriate action to take.”
In a statement issued from his office, Dwyer said, “I agree with the court that as an elected official I need to be held to a higher standard of public conduct as a condition of my public office as should every elected official. I completely accept the Speaker’s disciplinary action to remove me from my standing committee.”
Dwyer can still debate and vote on bills on the House floor, which he says he will do.