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Baltimore Teachers Union President Retains Post Despite Challenge

Gwendolyn Glenn

The long-serving president of the Baltimore Teacher’s Union, Marietta English, withstood her first serious election challenge in years yesterday from Kimberly Mooney, a teacher and union representative. The unofficial results were English winning by about 180 votes out of more than 1,200 votes cast.

Mooney’s campaign focused on issues like teacher retention, reforming evaluations and building greater transparency. But others in the 6,000 member union felt the most recent contract English negotiated was a strong one and that those who are disgruntled should simply get more involved.

Erin Nutsugah, a teacher in her twenties at the Baltimore Design School, says a school system focused on 21st century schools requires a more proactive union. She was one of those who voted for Mooney.

"As a young and energetic teacher who wants to stay in BCPS who wants to be better this, who wants to learn how to be better at this, nothing about [the teachers union] is meant for me and this organization doesn’t want to change and grow with me," she explained.

Jonna is a radio producer, documentarian, and media artist. Her feature stories and audio documentaries have aired on WAMU, Marketplace, The World, Living on Earth, and Virginia Public Radio, among others. She also produces nonfiction films and installations using ethnography, archival research, and collaboration as part of her process. A Maryland native, Jonna is a graduate of Bowdoin College and holds an MFA from Duke University.