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WYPR Newsroom Series:On The Watch: Fixing the Fractured Relationship Between Baltimore's Police and Its CommunitiesUp With Neighborhoods: A Southwest Baltimore PartnershipRockets' Red Glare: the War, the Song, and their LegaciesDeconstructingVacantsSparrows Point: The Plan, The Cleanup, and The PromiseCommon Core: A Work In Progress

Video: Will Baltimore's Dirt Bike Riders and The Police Commissioner Come Together?

This video is part of a special WYPR newsroom series entitled "On The Watch:  Fixing the Fractured Relationship Between Baltimore's Police and Its Communities".  Mary Rose Maddenis the reporter on this year long series.


This year-long special series is funded by the Bendit Family Foundation, Sig and Barbara Shapiro, The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Foundation, and the Open Society Institute – Baltimore.


Filmed and edited by AbeniNazeer
B-roll footage from youtube video "Baltimore police ride-along taking a temperature in the western district"
B-roll footage from youtube video: "Baltimore policing has changed since the riots"
"Baltimore bike life dirtbike capital wheel deal"
"Riding with 12 o clock boys from New York Times"
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