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Update: Demolition Complete For Towson Row Project

Baltimore County

  The 350 million dollar Towson Row Project is two years away from opening. But on Friday, the developer gave a tour of the site to show what’s to come.

Arthur Adler, managing partner for developer Caves Valley Partners, said demolition is complete on the five and a half acre site. Adler and county officials held a news conference in a parking lot near the intersection of East Susquehanna and Washington Avenues.

Adler said in an interview that he was standing in what will be the front door of the Whole Foods Market that will be built as part of the project. And he pointed out where other buildings are coming.

"Hotels to our left, apartment buildings and condominiums are up here, office building over here, student housing over there, retail spread throughout the whole project, and on top of Whole Foods a very large parking garage," he said.

Officials believe Towson Row will be a transformational project. They say they 

  hope it will lead to more people living and working in the community. It is part of a one billion dollar development boom in the area. However, residents are concerned that all of this growth is leading to worsening traffic and less green space in Towson.