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Mosby Unveils Plan To Improve City

P. Kenneth Burns

City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Nick Mosby released Tuesday his 15-point plan to improve the quality of life for Baltimore City residents and expand economic and educational opportunities.

Mosby chose a spot on the west side of downtown at Howard and Franklin streets; next to the light rail tracks. He described the area of vacant buildings, including one with a caved in roof, as a microcosm of Baltimore.

“It [represents] un-kept promises, unfulfilled potential; but a tremendous opportunity for our city,” he said

Mosby’s plan focuses on government accountability and reform; improvements in education, transportation and public safety.

He said he wants to implement universal pre-K and create magnet middle schools.  In addition, Mosby said police officers would be outfitted with body cameras within the first 100 days of his taking office. His crime fight would focus on violent repeat offenders. 

And he wants to lower property taxes; but he didn’t say by how much.

Mosby said he would release more details in the coming weeks. His announcement came one day after former mayor Sheila Dixon released her four-point crime fighting plan.

Dixon’s plan calls for more police accountability, targeting violent offenders, greater coordination with city agencies and work with communities.

But Mosby campaign spokeswoman Tiffany Cross dismissed the former mayor’s plan.

She said arrests may have declined while Dixon was in office, but she failed to do anything about police brutality, citing a Baltimore Sun article from last September that reported the city has paid about $5.7 million to settle claims against the city since 2011.

“What our city needs now is new energy and new ideas to improve public safety and restore trust between our police department and our communities,” she said.