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Cleanup Budgets Snowed Under

P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Snow budgets from the state to local governments have been busted at least twice over this season.

Charlie Gischlar of the Maryland State Highway Administration said the agency has spent $111 million this season; it had budgeted only $46 million.

Baltimore City has spent $12.6 million on snow removal so far this season, almost triple the $3.7 million in the budget. Baltimore County had spent $13.5 million, including  Monday’s storm. Officials there had set aside $6 million for the year.

Anne Arundel County does not budget specifically for snow removal, but takes the money from the county contingency fund later in the fiscal year. Matt Diehl of the Public Works Department said the county had spent more than $4 million on snow removal before Monday’s storm. They’re still figuring out what that cost.

Howard County had spent $2.4 million for snow removal before the Valentine’s Day weekend snow storm; double the $1.2 million budgeted. Officials there don’t have figures yet for the more recent storms.

In Harford County, officials budgeted about $1.5 million for snow removal and have spent $1.9 million. That’s apparently the smallest gap between budgeted amount and amount spent in the region.

Frederick County budgeted $1.8 million, including $1 million in a reserve fund. They have spent $3.2 million thus far.

Most jurisdictions were also low on rock salt for the roads and were expecting deliveries in the next couple of days.  Frederick County officials said their salt supply was “extremely low.”  They are working with the state Department of General Services to secure more.

All those jurisdictions will have to go into their contingency funds to cover the additional costs. And the bad weather may not be over yet.