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Gov. Hogan unveils $17 billion budget

Rachel Baye

Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled his $17 billion operating budget proposal Wednesday. 

Retirees, manufacturing companies, and families earning less than $53,000 a year would see tax breaks under the budget proposal.

Tuition at public universities would rise 2 percent, a significantly smaller increase than last year.

Public schools are slated to receive more money per student, though declining enrollment in Baltimore means that system would see slightly less.

There’s also $314 million for school construction.

But overall, Budget Secretary David Brinkley described the budget as one of restraint, something he said has so far been a boon for Maryland.

"We're finding people wanting to stay in Maryland, and I think there's a newfound optimism based on this governor and this administration and where he wants to take things,” he said.

The budget proposal did not include money for Hogan’s plan to demolish vacant row homes in Baltimore. Brinkley said that will be funded through pay-as-you-go financing and could be in a supplemental budget proposal.