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Monday at 5:44 pm

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  It’s been said that some of the best moves you make in life are the ones you don’t make.

Keith Allison via Flickr

Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals don’t agree on much these days, but people of all ideological stripes find common ground on this point: Politicians really should stay out of sports, as much as possible.  The reasons for that are two-fold. First, elected leaders usually come across as idiotic when they try to sound like they’re part of the team.  And even in those rare moments when they might be onto something, the of an American politician is so tarnished that the public believes they’re moronic, even if they might have stumbled onto the truth.


Geno Smith cast a rather pathetic and forlorn figure last Thursday, or as pathetic and forlorn as one can look on the verge of becoming a millionaire.

Han Shot First via Flickr

As much as the two commodities can be thought of in the same vein, Brittney Griner’s basketball playing style is a blend of power and grace.