Gun Control Momentum May Shift Again

Mar 29, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Aaron Davis of the Washington Post talk about the ever-shifting movement on Governor O'Malley's gun control legislation.

Mr. T in DC via Compfight

The General Assembly toiled its way into Easter weekend, with critical votes to approve an increase the gasoline tax, create a $1 billion program to rebuild city schools and advance the major elements of Governor Martin O’Malley’s gun control proposal.  WYPR News Director Joel McCord gets an update from State House reporter Karen Hosler.

Smith: Controversial Bills Should Face a Gauntlet

Mar 28, 2013


Controversial legislation almost never has an easy first year -- or first few years – in Annapolis.

It shouldn’t.

Even the least contentious 90-day sojourns in the Capital City are inevitably taxing. Making the right decision on important bills takes time and study and tinkering.

Sometimes difficult bills come bearing social change: marriage equality would be one. So it took some years to build support for legislation that many would say was an obvious matter of civil rights. Think how long it took for civil rights bills to gain the necessary support.

Mr. T in DC via Compfight

With little more than a week to go, Maryland lawmakers are struggling to produce a version of Governor Martin O’Malley’s sweeping gun control legislation that can win enactment before they adjourn.

If there is one point of clear agreement in Maryland’s gun control debate, it may be that people with criminal records shouldn’t have legal access to firearms.

But the legislation as proposed by the governor and approved by the state Senate has what some legislators call a dangerous exception:  criminal defendants who have their convictions or guilty pleas expunged when judges grant them probation before judgment, or PBJ.

House Approves Medical Marijuana for Maryland

Mar 25, 2013

The House of Delegates voted by a wide, bipartisan margin today to approve the medical use of marijuana in Maryland, marking the most progress the issue has made in that chamber so far. With a round of applause, the House voted 108 to 28 to create a commission that will regulate the use of medical marijuana at Maryland academic centers.

Delegate Dan Morhaim, a doctor from Baltimore County and one of several legislators who have been working for years on the issue, said he expects a similar reaction from state Senate.