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When Larry Hogan is sworn in next month, he’ll bring with him a whole new cabinet. The governor-elect started naming his cabinet picks Wednesday afternoon.

Hogan and his lieutenant governor – as well as his chief of staff, legislative director and his fiscal advisor – all served in former Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich’s administration. Another Ehrlich veteran, Jim Fielder, will join Hogan as appointments secretary. That’s the post that Hogan held a decade ago.

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YPR's Senior News Analyst, Fraser Smith, talks to The Daily Record's Bryan Sears about how Governor-elect Larry Hogan will tackle Maryland's structural deficit.  

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Last month, voters in the District of Columbia approved a referendum that allowed residents to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow as many as three cannabis plants. But Maryland Rep. Andy Harris (R-Baltimore Co.) has continued his opposition to pot legalization in the nation's capital. WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to Washington Post reporter Aaron Davis about efforts by Harris to block legalization in D.C. and why the issue is likely to end up in court.

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The State Center complex in Baltimore is one of the remaining items that Governor Martin O'Malley may push for in his last month in office. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Christopher Connelly talk about the origin of the project and why its future is in jeopardy.

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In his second inaugural address last week, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said that he wants county residents to feel that their local government represents them all. WYPR's Joel McCord and John Lee talk about why this message of inclusion matters in the wake of protests around the country and how Kamenetz hopes to accomplish his goal.

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  Gov. Martin O’Malley is ready to allow the controversial natural gas drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and he’s poised to propose the strictest standards in the country. But even after years of deliberation and contention, fracking in Maryland still holds more questions than answers.

Out in northern Garrett County, in far western Maryland, Frank Vitez has been waiting for years for hydraulic fracturing to come. When I visited him this fall, he took me up a hill on his property to show just how close he is to the Pennsylvania border. He knows that Pennsylvania landowners—people just like him—profit from the gas under their land. With the horizontal drilling techniques that have ushered in a new energy boom in the US, the well pads just beyond the border could be used to frack his gas.

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Senate President Mike Miller said last week that a massive rollback of state taxes and fees is not likely. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Bryan Sears of the Daily Record talk about what kind of relationship the Calvert County Democrat may have with Gov.-elect Larry Hogan (R) and why a bigger question might be how the House of Delegates might react to proposed compromises.