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A new poll out Wednesday suggests the Maryland governor's race is closer than many had thought, though for weeks observers have been pointing to signs this contest is more of a squeaker than Maryland is used to seeing.

In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a two-to-one margin, Democratic Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown should be a shoe-in to win the Governor’s mansion. But for weeks, readers of political tea leaves have been breathlessly waiting for solid proof that Republican Larry Hogan could pull off an upset.

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Federal regulators gave a final go-ahead to Virginia-based Dominion Energy to build a natural gas export terminal in Southern Maryland this week. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved plans to retrofit Dominion’s Cove Point facility in Lusby that would allow the company to liquefy and export natural gas. Local and state agencies had already approved the $3.8 billion project despite strong opposition from local residents and environmentalists. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Christopher Connelly talk about what that means for Maryland and the concerns raised by the project's opponents.

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A Baltimore community group is seeking to raise awareness of the city's heroin epidemic through Congressional hearings. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Roberto Alejandro of the Afro talk about the changes residents want and what city and state officials said in response.

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There was a flurry of activity this week in the race for governor. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about how recent state budget news and renewed allegations of wrongdoing may take center stage at the upcoming debates.

Kyle Leslie, Matt Purdy / WYPR

A newly-released, independent audit of the Baltimore Police Department's Internal Affairs Division strongly criticized how allegations of police misconduct are investigated. Mark Puente of the Baltimore Sun gives WYPR's Fraser Smith the details of the audit and talks about how the BPD has responded.

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