IMP: O'Malley's Run For The White House

8 hours ago

Any remaining mystery about former governor Martin O’Malley’s presidential run should be cast aside. The man is running – and having the field all to himself. The presumed frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, has done next to nothing – beyond the famous email stumble. On national television last weekend, O’Malley said the presidency is not a crown for the next Clinton/Bush candidate.  WYPR’s senior news analyst Fraser Smith kicks it around with Todd Eberly, commentator and political scientist at St. Mary’s College.

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After days of re-drafting and deliberation, a Senate committee moved forward Tuesday on Gov. Larry Hogan’s charter school reform legislation. But it did so after major re-working. In the end, all but one senator on the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee approved a charter reform bill that looked very little like Hogan’s proposal.

“Nobody’s going to be completely happy,” said Chairman Joan Carter Conway. “I haven’t been happy since the day I saw this bill.”

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There are just more than two weeks until the end of the legislative session in Annapolis. News Director Joel McCord talked to WYPR’s Christopher Connelly about some of the big items in the state house this week. 

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  Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes agrees with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake that her bill to sell four city-owned downtown parking garages deserves a hearing.  However, he is not sold on her plan.

“We should have a conversation about it,” said Stokes, who is skeptical that the sale proceeds will go towards recreation centers, as the mayor is proposing.

“This bill is not about rec centers,” he added, “The mayor has tied it to rec centers for political speak.”

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The two chambers of the Maryland General Assembly took up and passed separate bills related to the controversial drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on Tuesday. One would put a moratorium on fracking until a panel can study the potential public health consequences. The other sets strict standards to hold gas drillers accountable if those consequences occur.

Fraser Smith talks to wypr's Karen Hosler about the significance behind this week's meeting of Maryland's congressional delegation and Governor Larry Hogan. How will the state's Republican Governor and its mostly Democrat delegation work together - and how will the state's agenda change?

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Gov. Larry Hogan and the state’s Congressional delegation met Monday morning to discuss Maryland’s federal priorities, and bringing the new FBI headquarters to Maryland was at the top of the list. The project, with its 11,500 jobs, seemed enough to overcome any partisan differences between Maryland’s mostly Democratic congressional delegation and its Republican governor.

WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to Amanda Yeager, the government and development reporter for The Howard County Times about Allan Kittleman's first few months on the job.