WYPR's Joel McCord talk to Goucher College's Mileah Kromer about the recently released Goucher Poll. Do voters approve of Governor Larry Hogan so far? What is the number one issue on Marylanders' minds? Do individuals see a connection between theirselves, pollution, and The Chesapeake Bay?  Goucher's Sarah T. Hughes Politics Center polled Marylanders and published the results this week.

WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to The Baltimore Sun's Mark Puente about all things police: the police officer's bill of rights before the General Assembly, police body cameras, and a recent court case that involved a man held for two years under a falsely reported search warrant and a lawsuit against the city police department.

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After years of complaining about police misconduct, advocates packed the state Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee room Thursday to support several bills aimed at making police more accountable.

Among them was one proposed by Baltimore City Senator Lisa Gladden that would alter the rights given to police officers under investigation for misconduct.

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Gov. Larry Hogan’s education platform will face its first big test today when a House of Delegates committee will take up his plan to reform Maryland’s strict charter school law.  Although some Democratic lawmakers have signaled interest in seeing a reform to Maryland’s strict charter law, many say the bill goes too far. Public schools advocates say the bill is a giveaway to national charter operators.

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A dozen years after Maryland passed one of the strictest charter school laws in the country, charter advocates are calling for changes to make starting and operating a charter school in Maryland easier.

At Patterson Park Public Charter School in East Baltimore principal Chad Kramer will show you what’s working about Maryland’s charter schools.  Middle schoolers are giving power point presentations on bloody Elizabethan sports, and kindergartners in Spanish class are up and about imitating animals.

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Hundreds of advocates turned out in Annapolis on Wednesday to protest cuts to mental and behavioral health services. The rally came one day after Gov. Larry Hogan laid out his plan to combat the state’s heroin crisis, and mental health advocates lined up in front of the statehouse to say the governor’s proposed cuts in mental health services will harm those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

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Gov. Larry Hogan announced new initiatives Tuesday to combat what he calls heroin emergency in the state. States across the East Coast have seen a dramatic rise in heroin. In Maryland, heroin-related deaths have nearly doubled since 2010, and now outpaces the state-wide homicide rate.

Hogan, who grew emotional while announcing the initiatives, said he knows first-hand the devastation of heroin addiction after he lost his cousin to an overdose. Still, he said he was surprised by how far-reaching the problem was when he was out campaigning throughout the state.

IMP: Maryland's Redistricting Conundrums

Feb 23, 2015

Fraser Smith and Todd Eberly discuss the possibility of more redistricting in Maryland. Will the state's new Republican governor - and the new Republicans in office - initiate more gerrymandering?  Will the people choose their representatives or will the representatives get to choose their constituents? 

Liz Bowie, education reporter for The Baltimore Sun, joins WYPR's Fraser Smith to discuss BCPSS's mounting deficit.  If Governor Hogan's budget is approved, the city school system would face nearly 10 million deficit.  Fraser and Liz add up the circumstances that lead the school system to this point.

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Maryland is one of three states that gives the governor the sole authority to approve or reject parole for inmates with parole-eligible life sentences. Critics say this set up has made parole a political football, and they are pushing to change it.