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In an "11th hour" move, Governor O'Malley put forth rules to tighten regulations on phosphorus that runs off into the Chesapeake Bay. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Tim Wheeler of the Baltimore Sun talk about what this means for farmers, the Bay, and why O'Malley made the decision when he did.

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The election’s behind us. Winter lurks. And depending on who or where you are on the political spectrum, it’s a season of change, challenge and melancholy.

Call it the Transition Blues. No one’s immune.

Take governor-elect Larry Hogan. He’s about to take charge of a $40 billion government with a deficit of about $1 billion. You probably can’t keep your tax-cutting promises. The ecstasy of victory slams into reality.

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When the Maryland General Assembly starts its session in January, it will be dealing with a new governor from a different party and about a third of its members will be freshmen.  Between a Republican governor and a host of more left-leaning Democrats coming in, the next four years bear the signs of a more partisan landscape in Annapolis.

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Governor-elect Larry Hogan (R) has assembled a transition team and one prominent member is former State Sen. and Anne Arundel County Executive Bobby Neall.  WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about what this decision says about how Hogan might lead in Annapolis.

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Governor-Elect Larry Hogan will need to deliver a budget only a few days after taking office.  Fraser Smith talks to The Daily Record's Bryan Sears about the state's budget deficit for the current year and the projections for the years ahead.  

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Sen. Barbara Mikulski declared herself the "titular leader of the MD Democratic Party" in a recent message to top Democrats. She also called them to a meeting to plan the state party's future. WYPR's Senior News Analyst Fraser Smith talks to Josh Kurtz of Center Maryland about Mikulski's effort to exert more control.