Fraser Smith's Commentary

WYPR's Senior News Analyst opines on recent Maryland news.


WYPR's senior news analyst has some advice for those of you frustrated with media coverage of the Baltimore mayor's race.


WYPR's senior news analyst comments on the souring relationship between Gov. Larry Hogan and the Democrats in the General Assembly. It's an irrevocable end to a short-lived era of good feelings.


WYPR's senior news analyst looks at today's politics through the lens of former Sun columnist H. L. Mencken.

WYPR's senior news analyst focuses on Larry Hogan's governing style, budgets and the inevitable Annapolis horse trading.


WYPR's senior news analyst takes a walk in the woods and thinks about the dangers refugees face on their journeys.

WYPR's senior news analyst says Councilman Nick Mosby's entrance into Baltimore's crowded mayoral race creates the potential for conflicts of interest with his wife, State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby.


WYPR's senior news analyst says the city's biggest employer offers the city's neediest neighborhoods a hand up.

WYPR's Senior News Analyst wonders what it takes to be the mayor of Baltimore.    


Here’s the other good reason for banning racial and other profiling. Atty. Gen. Brian Frosh reminds us that profiling is counterproductive.

As a child, Dr. Keiffer Mitchell watched as his famous father – Clarence Mitchell, Jr. – confronted opponents of school desegregation.

A fourth grader, when the famous Brown vs. Board of Education decision came down, he never forgot the image of his father’s witness for equality in America – and for his son.

As a recent graduate of Lincoln University, his father – Clarence Mitchell Jr. -- got a job reporting for the Afro American newspaper. One of his first assignments was the lynching of George Armwood in 1933.