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WYPR's Fraser Smith and political consultant and columnist Laslo Boyd talk about how Baltimore may lack a major political leader in Annapolis after 2014, as well as House Speaker Mike Busch's new task force that will examine how the state can help the city's economic future. 

There is constant motion around four new supersized, Chinese-made cranes as they unload cargo from a ship at the Port of Baltimore's freshly constructed Seagirt Marine Terminal.



Let's say you're highly skilled and interested in emigrating to the United States. Well, there are reasons to think you have a pretty good shot. Those with a specialty that's rare and highly valued can take advantage of what's called the H-1B visa. It is specifically for people with a Bachelor's degree or higher and you can only get one if an American company explicitly wants to hire you.

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Baltimore City officials will tell potential contractors Wednesday morning how they want to turn the historic Lexington Market into a “food destination” for the region.  And that’s causing a bit of concern to be mixed in with the usual buzz of activity at the market.

The U.S. Senate may vote this week on the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill that would allow states to collect sales tax from more online retailers. And as the political and retail landscape has shifted from the last time around, the Senate is expected to approve the measure.

The proposal to require online sellers to collect out-of-state sales tax has been kicked around for many years. For a decade, Amazon was a fierce opponent.

Online Shoppers Brace For Sales Tax Measure

Apr 24, 2013

The U.S. Senate is poised to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act that allows states to collect taxes from out-of-state merchants. Tax policy experts say this long-sought bill brings fairness to the tax system and much needed money to state and local governments. But small online sellers are incensed at what they see as a new tax burden.

There were 352,000 first-time claims for unemployment insurance last week, up by 4,000 from the week before, the Employment and Training Administration reports.

The "4-week moving average" that gauges the trend rose by 2,750, to 361,250.

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Young companies are often flush with big ideas and passion, but capital can be hard to come by. Maryland is trying to boost the local venture capital market with a big investment of its own.  

Maryland Braces for Sequester Cuts

Mar 4, 2013
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Budget cuts known as the sequester began over the weekend (and this NBC News blog has a good explainer on the various numbers floating around).  Maryland, of course, will be hit harder than other states because of the many federal workers who live and spend their money here. Two percent of U.S. workers are employed by the federal government. For Maryland, that number is 5.6 percent.