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Last Act For Baltimore’s Last Video Store

Dec 6, 2013
John Lee / WYPR

They weren’t singing in the rain, but the forty people lined up outside Video Americain in Roland Park were having a pretty good time talking movies while they waited for the sale to begin. Video Americain opened its doors Friday afternoon to sell off its stock. All 15,000 videos must go.

It's A Wrap For Video Americain

Dec 2, 2013
John Lee / WYPR

This is the last day you can rent a movie from Video Americain in Roland Park.

Special uniforms that Northwestern University's football team will wear on Nov. 16 have sparked controversy because of red streaks across the flag-themed patterns that look like blood to many observers.

Amazon's business is built on three basic concepts: faster delivery, greater selection, and cheaper prices.

In service of that, it has built enormous warehouses staffed largely by robots that shuttle around, pulling goods out of bins at remarkable speed. It can take just a matter of minutes to go from order to shipment.

And lately it's pursuing a program where Amazon goes directly into manufacturers and manages their logistics and online retailing.

MDGovpics via flickr

Baltimore sportswear manufacturer Under Armour's third-quarter profit, announced yesterday, was above predictions.

Elkus Manfredi Architects / courtesy of Beatty Development

Harbor Point is another in a long series of projects in which a private developer seeks subsidies from the city while dangling the carrot of jobs brought to the city.

WYPR's Joel McCord and Candy Thompson of the Baltimore Sun talk about Carnival's recent decision to relocate its cruise boat Pride to Tampa, Florida, and what that means for Baltimore's economy.

P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Time was you couldn’t do much with that old cell phone lying around the house, other than try to sell it online. Now a company called ecoATM offers you an opportunity to trade it in for cash.  The machines have been in the Baltimore market since last August and have caught the attention of Baltimore City Councilman Bill Henry, who introduced a bill to ban them from the city in June.

Question for Maryland Republicans: is it time to find another argument for getting Democrats out of office?