Three members of the WYPR newsroom recently walked away with four awards from CAPBA and two awards from PRNDI.  Fraser Smith, John Lee with one each and Mary Rose Madden with two.

Outstanding Use of Sound - On The Day After, Baltimoreans Shine - Mary Rose Madden
Judges Comments - "Great use of sound. I could visualize what was happening. This is a case of a “sound being worth a thousand pictures."

Outstanding Documentary or In-Depth Reporting - On The Watch:  Fixing the Fractured Relationship Between Baltimore's Police and It's Communities - Mary Rose Madden
Judges Comments - "Wow! Compelling story telling, great use of sound. This reporter puts us right in the middle of the action. It feels dangerous to be there…but this is news reporting at its best."

Outstanding News Series - Blood on the Highway - John Lee
Judges comments - "Great series on a topic that is very important but often overlooked."

Outstanding Editorial or Commentary - A Shattered City and a Search for Justice - Fraser Smith
Judges Comments - "Stations rarely produce commentaries today, yet they have a responsibility to serve as not just the conveyors of news, but analysts as well. WYPR’s commentaries tackle some hot button issues in a conversational way, and are not afraid to take what might not be the popular view. More stations should follow WYPR’s role as a leader in fostering conversation about community issues!"

The WYPR Newsroom was also recognized with two awards  from Public Radio News Directors (PRNDI).  On The Watch, a series from WYPR report Mary Rose Madden took First Place for a Series in Division B and  Mary Rose Madden also took Second Place for a spot during the Freddie Gray protests.

Last week, a Baltimore judge found Officer Edward Nero not guilty of reckless endangerment, among other charges, in the death last year of Freddie Gray.  Nero's attorneys said he wasn't aware of an updated policy that required prisoners to be seat belted when he helped put Gray in a transport van, handcuffed, with shackles, and no seatbelt.

According to the medical examiner, Gray died from injuries suffered in the back of the van.

John Lee

Last year, Maryland recorded the lowest number of fatal car crashes since 1948. But the number of people struck and killed by cars is showing no such decline. 

Passion and commitment can fade as we all know. So striking while the iron – and riot embers – are hot really matters.

The intersection of North Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave. was a site of heartbreak on Monday night for many as the riot raged on.  On Tuesday, Baltimoreans were looking to help – and heal. Throughout the city, there were cleanups, prayer vigils, and meetups at community centers.  By the end of the day, you might have thought that Baltimoreans were exhausted. But that just wasn’t the case.