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It Could Happen...

13 hours ago
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When the Orioles broke through into the American League playoffs two years ago for the first time in nearly a generation, the feeling around town was like parents watching their child perform in their first musical recital.

You’re just so darned happy that your kid is holding a violin that anything that comes out of it, even if it’s the wrong note, is OK.

It’s two years later and even if the Orioles weren’t expected to win the American League East when the 2014 campaign began, expectations have now been raised.

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From the day the Ravens arrived here in Baltimore after the 1995 season, the team has been about the task of making themselves into model citizens. The players and coaches are omnipresent at charity functions and make regular appearances at hospitals and schools. The team has not only built a pair of high school stadiums, but has seen to it that every Baltimore City high school football and boys and girls basketball player has a uniform to play in. It’s hard to imagine any organization going to the lengths the Ravens have to ingratiate itself in a new location.

  The Baltimore Orioles clinched the American League Eastern Division title last night, giving the city a huge boost of good news after more than a week of decidedly unhappy happenings.

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There are a flood of questions that have spilled in the week since the release of a video showing former Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his now wife unconscious.

One is whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will lose his job over his inept handling of the matter, as he initially suspended Rice just two games, then upped the punishment to an indefinite suspension after a torrent of criticism.

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If all goes well, the Orioles will effectively nail down their first American League East division crown in 17 years this coming weekend, in a four game series with the New York Yankees.  The series marks the final Baltimore trip for New York shortstop Derek Jeter, who closes a 20-year career when the season ends.

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Last month, in a Baltimore hotel, Rob Manfred became baseball commissioner-elect.

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Even if Marie Antoinette never actually said “Let them eat cake," the attitude of obliviousness towards the needs of the less fortunate certainly exists.

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Fans of musicals will recognize the great duo, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The pair danced their way through nine films in the 1930’s with style and flair.

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For decades, the NCAA and its member schools have held onto the notion that an education was all a college athlete should receive for their time and trouble.

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The Baltimore Ravens open their preseason campaign at M&T Bank Stadium Thursday with a new inside linebacker, a new nose tackle and a new singer to deliver the national anthem, Baltimore native Joey Odoms.