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LeBron James proclaimed he was stunned that his 10-year-old son was already the subject of recruitment by college basketball coaches. James has to be acting if he wants to convince anyone that he’s not aware that recruiting of kids is going on. How could he not? The practice of attempting to attract youthful talent into the pipeline of sports has gone on for well over a century, back to the dawn of intercollegiate athletics.

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Sad to say, a group of kids who desperately needed encouragement and positive reinforcement got the worst lesson of all last week: that the adults they thought they could trust to give them a moment of joy had instead exploited them.

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The reason for sports rivalries are often as varied as the rivalries themselves, but for University of Maryland fans, there was little reason to dislike North Carolina men’s basketball coach Dean Smith save for the best one: He always won. During the 36 years he was in charge in Chapel Hill, Smith’s Tar Heels were the Road Runner to Maryland’s Wile E. Coyote.

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It doesn’t matter whether you watched the Super Bowl or not, if you live in one of the more than 100 million households in this country that have either cable or pay television, you’ve been paying for the Super Bowl and a whole lot more.

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  It’s hard to imagine New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leading the team’s Bible study, if, in fact, such a thing exists. But, after the last week, it might not be a bad idea for Brady to get himself immersed in the Good Book, or at least with the seventh verse of the sixth chapter of Galatians.

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As we’ve said here before, the lure of sports for many is its simplicity. Sports are compelling to many because, in a world filled with nuance and shades of gray, where the good guy and the bad guy are often indecipherable, athletics are nice and neat. In that story line, our guys can do no wrong and whatever they do in pursuit of success is acceptable.

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In those first minutes and hours after the Ravens’ 35-31 loss to New England Saturday, there was a palpable sense of sorrow around town. And it was understandable. For three hours, fans had been taken on the proverbial roller coaster ride.

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Let’s start 2015 with a little hypothetical: Let’s imagine that you’ve been driving a clunker for years and you finally have the opportunity to upgrade. But, instead of the sports car you’ve always wanted, you get a minivan.

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The United States Olympic Committee decided earlier this month that it will make a bid to host the 2024 Summer Games and will choose the host city from a group of four, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, early in 2015. If Washington is selected as the U.S. representative, you can be certain that existing venues from around the state and the city will be used. 

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Did you happen to catch last week when President Obama in speaking about the controversy surrounding the movie “The Interview” mixed up the names of actor James Franco and quarterback Joe Flacco?