Richard Madaleno

Rachel Baye

Gov. Larry Hogan has so far signed more than 475 bills the General Assembly passed this year. But with just one more bill signing scheduled this week, some Democratic legislators are worried that a bill that aims to offset the cost of college tuition won’t make the cut.

State legislation targets chicken litter cleanup

Feb 23, 2016
Rachel Baye

Maryland’s chicken farming industry produces more than 220,000 tons of manure, according to state estimates.

Currently, small contract farmers are responsible for managing that waste, with some financial support from state taxpayers. However, those small contractors don’t own the birds, just the waste. A new bill before the General Assembly would shift responsibility for disposing of the excrement to the big corporations that own the bird.

State legislative leaders push new gun controls

Feb 10, 2016
Rachel Baye

State legislative leaders announced a package of gun control measures Wednesday. At the center of the effort is a bill that would ban guns and other weapons from public college and university campuses.

The goal of the measure is not to stop mass shootings. Sen. Rich Madaleno, a Montgomery County Democrat and sponsor of the legislation, said he aims to stop the shootings that occur in one-on-one situations.

Governor pushes $400 million in tax cuts

Jan 7, 2016
Rachel Baye


 Gov. Larry Hogan's proposed budget for the coming fiscal year offers roughly $400 million in new tax cuts, he announced Thursday.

Hogan announced the $17 billion proposal just under a week before lawmakers return to Annapolis for the annual legislative session. Priorities include education and transportation funding, he said.

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Indiana is drawing fire over a religious freedom law that critics say protects people who want to discriminate based on religious principles, particularly against gays and lesbians. Sparks flew in Annapolis on Wednesday over how Maryland should respond.

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Even with the price of oil slowly inching up, gas prices at the pump are still some of the lowest we’ve seen in years. But whatever it costs to fill up your tank, in Annapolis there’s a debate simmering over how much the state should add to the gas tax.

Joe Getty used to be a senator on the state’s budget and tax committee. These days, though, he’s Governor Larry Hogan’s legislative director. The Carroll County Republican went back to his old committee this week to make the case for a key piece of his boss’s agenda: Stop the state’s gas tax from going up.

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  It was hotels versus the online travel agencies in Annapolis on Wednesday. At issue: Exactly how much taxes online travel companies should be paying.

When an online travel agent like Priceline or Travelocity books a room, they get it at a discount from the hotel chain. Then they mark it up and rent it to the customer – that’s how they make their money.

Online travel agents like Priceline and Travelicity make their money by negotiating discount rates with hotel chains, and then renting it to customers at a higher rate.