Red Line

Hogan promises veto for transportation bill

Apr 1, 2016
Rachel Baye

The General Assembly and Gov. Larry Hogan are at odds over how the state should pick which transportation projects to build.

On Thursday, the legislature passed a bill that ranks projects based on priorities such as safety, cost, economic development and environmental concerns. But Hogan has said he will veto it when it reaches his desk.  

Rachel Baye

A political fight is brewing in Annapolis over how the state decides which transportation projects to build.

Democrats have proposed ranking projects based on how well they reduce congestion or increase development. But the governor’s office says the system would hurt rural areas.  

Rachel Baye

When Gov. Larry Hogan canceled Baltimore's Red Line light rail project and altered the plans for the Purple Line light rail in the Washington suburbs last summer, he didn't give legislators a chance to weigh in first, House Speaker Michael Busch said Tuesday.

State lawmakers eye tax cuts, guns, transportation

Jan 13, 2016
Rachel Baye

Tax cuts, criminal justice reforms and transportation projects are all on the table as state lawmakers return to Annapolis on Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled a plan to cut taxes for retirees, families earning less than $53,000 a year, and small businesses.

With the plan, the Republican governor issued a challenge to the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Mayor: We Were Optimistic About Red Line Investment

Dec 23, 2015
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Wednesday that she supports the claim of a coalition of civil rights groups that Governor Larry Hogan’s decision to cancel the Red Line transit project discriminates against African Americans.

NAACP says scrapping Red Line violated civil rights

Dec 21, 2015
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

A coalition of civil rights groups and Baltimore residents filed a federal complaint Monday claiming Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to cancel the planned Red Line light rail project discriminated against the city's African-American residents.

Hogan canceled plans for the transit project in June, reallocating the more than $1.2 billion the state was expected to pay toward the Red Line toward highways, roads and bridges in rural and suburban areas instead.

Hogan Links Baltimore To His Transit Plan

Oct 22, 2015
Maryland Department of Transportation

More than three months after he killed the Red Line, Governor Larry Hogan announced plans to revamp and improve public transportation for the Baltimore region.

He denied, however, that the plan to revamp city bus routes and add 12 color-coded routes called City Link was related to the abandoned east-west rail line.

Those Democrats. Were they really expecting a Hogan Administration vision for transit? If so, shame on them.

Beyond buses, it's clear the Hogan team has no vision. There was no suggestion of anything at all beyond buses. Couldn’t be clearer.

First the governor killed the Red Line. He suggested nothing in its place. Then he parceled out the Red Line savings to parts of the state that voted for him. This week the Administration hosted Democratic leaders at what they apparently thought would be a Red Line replacement meeting. Did they really? Wrong.

P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Elected leaders from Baltimore city and county left a meeting with state transportation officials Monday disappointed because no one offered an alternative to the Red Line project shelved by Gov. Larry Hogan. But state Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn said they shouldn’t have been surprised. He sent them an agenda last week.

Talking About Plan B For The Red Line

Jul 31, 2015
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Baltimore City and county leaders say they’re looking for a transit Plan B to replace the east west Red Line that Gov. Larry Hogan killed last month. And even state Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn says he’s on board for an alternative. But nobody seems to know, or is willing to say, what that is.