Prince George's County


For more than three years, a state commission has been studying whether to allow hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to get at natural gas trapped in the Marcellus shale beneath the mountains of Western Maryland. Now, the commission is done, state agencies have proposed rules, but commissioners still don’t agree on the central question of whether we can frack safely.

What A Central Committee Does And Why It Matters

Aug 18, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Arelis Hernandez of the Washington Post talk about the function of local Democratic Central Committees and why the state party is getting involved  with the committee in charge of Prince George's County.

Prince George's County's Wayne Curry Remembered

Jul 9, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Ovetta Wiggins of The Washington Post talk about the leadership of Wayne K. Curry, the first black County Executive of Prince George's County, who died last week.

Residents of Prince George's County, Md., might just get sick of hearing "Hail to the Chief." President Obama has visited this county to deliver policy addresses more than any other in his second term.

"Hello Maryland. It's good to see you," the president said enthusiastically in January at a Costco in Lanham, Md. "I love to get outside of the Beltway, even if it is just a few hundred feet away."

Why Prince George's County Is Getting The State's Attention

Apr 11, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about the move of a state-level department from Anne Arundel County to Prince Georges County, and why the decision might not be as driven by growth strategy as officials claim.

Maryland Hopes To Get FBI - And That Federal Workers Go Out To Lunch

Mar 26, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about Maryland's efforts to lobby the federal government to relocate the FBI's headquarters to Prince Georges County, and why it might not be an easy sell.

Rivals Compete For Prince Georges Votes

Feb 12, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and John Wagner of the Washington Post talk about Attorney General Doug Gansler's comments about Prince Georges County when he opened a campaign office there, and why all three Democrats in the race for governor need PG votes.

Prince George's Gets A State Agency--Is It Only Fair?

Jun 5, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Joel McCord talk about Governor O'Malley's move of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to Prince George's County and what that says about the shift in political power in the state.