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With approval ratings near record lows, President Barack Obama has not been invited to campaign for many Democrats facing tight races around the country. But he got an enthusiastic welcome Sunday from thousands of people packed into a high school gym in Upper Marlboro. The president was there to give a high-powered push to Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in his bid for the governor’s mansion.

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Although Republican gubernatorial nominee Larry Hogan has tried to avoid a debate on social issues, Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown has been hammering him on gun control this week. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Karen Hosler talk about what, if anything, the controversy reveals.

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Maryland’s gubernatorial race has been notably negative this year, and when Republican Larry Hogan and Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown met for a second debate Monday, the gloves were off and both Hogan and Brown were swinging.

The two attacked each other’s plans, their credibility, and their records.

Hogan blamed Brown for the state’s lackluster economic performance, saying Maryland’s, “economy’s a mess and everyone seems to know it except you.”

Brown criticized Hogan’s plan to cut taxes by reducing spending, “Larry, your numbers don’t add up,” Brown said. “You’re first and only specific plan you laid out on the campaign and the numbers don’t add up.”

The two contenders faced tough questions from moderators but tried to turn weaknesses into strengths. When Brown was asked about his role as head of Maryland’s healthcare exchange, which included an expensive website that failed on day one, he emphasized enrollment that happened despite the IT troubles and elided questions about the $40 million to $50 million price tag to replace the balky website.

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Democrat George Johnson, who is making a second run for Anne Arundel County Executive, and his Republican opponent, Delegate Steve Schuh, have something in common. They’ve made friends on both sides of the aisle during their years in public life.

But they have sharp differences when it comes to running Anne Arundel.

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Ask Zoe Johnson, of the state Department of Natural Resources what climate change means for Maryland, and she gives you a list.


“Wildfire and drought, you know impact on invasive species, pests, and insects, changes in precipitation patterns, extreme snowfall events,” says Johnson, who is DNR’s program manager for climate change policy.

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Pocketbook issues dominated Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate, the first time the Democratic Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Republican Larry Hogan shared a stage in this contentious race for the governor’s mansion. The two laid out very different assessments of Maryland’s economy over the hour-long debate, and criticized each other’s plans.

In Anthony Brown’s Maryland, the state has weathered a terrible recession while preserving strategic investments. There’s room for improvement, sure, but the fundamentals are strong.

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Maryland’s gubernatorial hopefuls will share a stage for the first time Tuesday at a televised debate in Baltimore, and political observers expect candidates to show up ready for combat. But it’s unlikely it will as negative as the ad war the candidates have waged so far.

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Howard County, Maryland, seems to have it all: a semi-urban, semi-rural suburb of both Baltimore and Washington that repeatedly scores near the top of national rankings for income, public schools and overall quality of life. And now competing for the county’s top political job is an impressive duo:  a liberal yet pro-business Democrat and a tight-fisted Republican, who’s also a leading civil rights advocate.

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Last week the Montgomery County Council passed a law that establishes partial public financing of county elections. WYPR's Fraser Smith and Bill Turque of the Washington Post talk about the impetus behind the law and what effects it might have on citizen participation in local elections.

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  The race for an Anne Arundel County Council seat, which usually centers on taxes, schools and pot holes, has turned into a referendum on southern secession, civil rights and religion.