Maryland State Senate

Criminal justice reform hits snag in state Senate

Mar 21, 2016
Rachel Baye

  An effort to reform the state’s criminal justice laws hit a stumbling block Monday. The state Senate delayed a vote on the legislation just hours before a procedural deadline when it became clear the changes wouldn’t save as much money as originally anticipated.

Rodwell To Retire At The End Of Her Term

Apr 21, 2014
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

State Senator Verna Jones-Rodwell announced Monday she is abandoning her re-election campaign and retiring from office at the end of her term in January.

Henson Files for Senate; But Can He?

Feb 20, 2014
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

Julius Henson filed papers to challenge Nathaniel McFadden for the 45th District Senate seat Thursday morning in Annapolis.

What Pipkin Departure Means For Maryland General Assembly

Aug 9, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Joel McCord talk about State Senator E.J. Pipkin's decision to move to Texas and how this is a blow to both Maryland GOP and Democratic leaders.

2014 Watch: Senate turnover, but no change predicted for Miller

Mar 25, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Josh Kurtz of Center Maryland talk about potential changes to the Maryland State Senate in 2014, and why Mike Miller is the longest serving state senate President in the U.S.