Maryland budget

Gov. Hogan unveils $17 billion budget

Jan 21, 2016
Rachel Baye

Gov. Larry Hogan unveiled his $17 billion operating budget proposal Wednesday. 

Retirees, manufacturing companies, and families earning less than $53,000 a year would see tax breaks under the budget proposal.

Tuition at public universities would rise 2 percent, a significantly smaller increase than last year.

Public schools are slated to receive more money per student, though declining enrollment in Baltimore means that system would see slightly less.

There’s also $314 million for school construction.

Governor pushes $400 million in tax cuts

Jan 7, 2016
Rachel Baye


 Gov. Larry Hogan's proposed budget for the coming fiscal year offers roughly $400 million in new tax cuts, he announced Thursday.

Hogan announced the $17 billion proposal just under a week before lawmakers return to Annapolis for the annual legislative session. Priorities include education and transportation funding, he said.

The voters of Maryland are getting what a majority asked for at the polls: a balanced budget. Without delay, Governor Larry Hogan has offered a plan that would erase an $800-million shortfall—right away. One result of that is a $143 million haircut for schools across the state. Baltimore’s share of the trim is $35 million.

Christopher Connelly/WYPR

Maryland's Board of Public Works approved a suite of spending cuts and other fiscal maneuvers Wednesday in an effort to eliminate the state’s $410 million dollar deficit for this fiscal year, which ends in June.

It was O’Malley’s last meeting as part of the Board of Public Works – a three-member panel made up of the governor.  Treasurer Nancy Kopp and Comptroller Peter Franchot. O’Malley was joking and smiling, Kopp and Franchot praised O’Malley’s fiscal stewardship. At Franchot’s recommendation, the crowded room gave the out-going governor a standing ovation.

Tom Chalkley

A listener's long bill of anti-O’Malley particulars includes this:

“He plundered dedicated funds from the budget and transferred them to the general fund.”

Was it plunder? Or was it difficult, recession-driven  choices?

Maryland’s chief fiscal analyst, Warren Deschenaux, says our recession stress has several drivers: gridlock in Washington, the sequester, the government shutdown and the fiscal cliff hysterics.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Bryan Sears of the Daily Record talk about the Board of Public Works' decision to cut money from the state budget amid less-than-expected revenues. They also touch on why Comptroller Peter Franchot is urging both parties to talk more seriously about Maryland's fiscal situation.

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