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The state could be listening on buses and trains

Feb 25, 2016
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Imagine talking to a friend or a spouse about something personal while on a MARC train or a public bus. Now imagine state officials are listening in. 

A bill state senators are scheduled to consider Thursday morning would prevent that scenario. But it may already be happening.

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Even with the price of oil slowly inching up, gas prices at the pump are still some of the lowest we’ve seen in years. But whatever it costs to fill up your tank, in Annapolis there’s a debate simmering over how much the state should add to the gas tax.

Joe Getty used to be a senator on the state’s budget and tax committee. These days, though, he’s Governor Larry Hogan’s legislative director. The Carroll County Republican went back to his old committee this week to make the case for a key piece of his boss’s agenda: Stop the state’s gas tax from going up.

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Maryland is one of three states that gives the governor the sole authority to approve or reject parole for inmates with parole-eligible life sentences. Critics say this set up has made parole a political football, and they are pushing to change it.

It’s The GOP's Turn To Try To Oust Brochin

Oct 24, 2014
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Senator Jim Brochin spends five or six evenings a week knocking on doors and making his pitch. Here’s how it went recently on a front porch in the Cub Hill neighborhood of Carney:


“Fiscally, I’m pretty conservative,” Brochin said. “Voted against all the major tax increases. Didn’t support drivers licenses for illegals, didn’t support in state tuition for illegals. But on environment, open space and public education, I’m pretty progressive”


The Democratic incumbent is knocking only on the doors of Republicans and independents.

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Baltimore County State Sen. Jim Brochin finds himself in a bitter Democratic primary race in which both the governor and county executive are supporting his opponent.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Alison Knezevich of the Baltimore Sun talk about the race for state Senate in Baltimore County's 42nd district, and why incumbent Jim Brochin (D) is being opposed by some powerful state Democrats.