Horseshoe Casino

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How many police are working to protect a casino with dismally low attendance numbers? And is one too many?  How much is this costing Baltimore's taxpayers? Fraser Smith talks to Mark Reutter who reports the story in The Baltimore Brew

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New Casino Still A Gamble For City

Aug 28, 2014
Tom Chalkley

Time now, taxpayers of Baltimore, for a wet blanket.

Sizzle, Excitement and Protest Mark Horseshoe Opening

Aug 27, 2014
P. Kenneth Burns/WYPR

Tuesday’s grand opening of the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore had it all: sizzle, excited patrons and a protest.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Jean Marbella of the Baltimore Sun talk about Baltimore's new Horseshoe Casino and why the money it generates for the city and state may not be as much as lawmakers hoped.

The Last Roll Before Opening

Aug 22, 2014
P. Kenneth Burns/WYPR

More than 2,000 invited guests took a chance on games at the new Horseshoe Casino Baltimore this week, ahead of the official opening scheduled for Tuesday.  It’s called a “controlled demonstration” to make sure everything is in order.

The demonstration is the last hurdle Caesar’s Entertainment – the Horseshoe’s owner – must clear before regulators award an operating license. If inspectors are satisfied, Caesar’s gets its license.

Legendary Consideration

May 1, 2014
P. Kenneth Burns/WYPR

Officials with the Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) and Caesars Entertainment, operators of the Horseshoe Baltimore Casino, are offering job workshops with a special incentive for those in attendance.

A Fair Opportunity For A Career

Apr 30, 2014
P. Kenneth Burns / WYPR

With 1,700 jobs to fill at Baltimore's casino, the city and Caesars Entertainment have embarked on an unprecedented effort to make sure those jobs go to city residents.