food deserts

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  Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and several members of the City Council spent Monday publicizing bills that would be introduced during that day’s city council meeting. 

One bill would dedicate a small part of the city budget to youth programs. Another would return 911 operations to the police department. A third would cut property taxes for certain grocery stores and fourth would halve the storm water remediation fee.

Money For Children

The Return of the Virtual Supermarket

Jul 30, 2014
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Baltimore City officials re-launched an online grocery shopping program called the Virtual Supermarket Wednesday nearly a year after the program’s original grocery store partner closed its doors.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who helped make the first deliveries, said the city has partnered with Collins ShopRite to provide the service to neighborhoods classified as food deserts. Collins ShopRite operates one store in Glen Burnie and three in the Philadelphia area.

Officials Break Ground On Howard Park ShopRite

May 7, 2013
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Today, Father Donald Sterling, pastor of the New All Saints Catholic Church said, “God is so happy with us this morning; he’s so happy, he’s crying, and he’s sharing with us his tears.”  Sterling led the groundbreaking ceremony for the first supermarket to serve Howard Park since 1999.

Maryland lawmakers are demanding more information the alleged corruption within the Baltimore City Detention Center. A new report shows that Baltimore area drivers waste more than a day a year on the roads due to traffic congestion. A new study shows that texting while driving is just as dangerous whether you use your fingers or your voice. Plus: a report on efforts to bring healthier food options to Baltimore neighborhoods, the latest on the dispute between Baltimore and its former speed camera contractor, efforts to cut the costs of Baltimore's telephone system, and more.

Feeding City Need For Healthy Food Choices

Apr 25, 2013
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 As residents in one neighborhood celebrate the coming of a supermarket, Baltimore city officials are continuing their efforts to increase access to healthier food options. Twenty percent of Baltimore City residents live in a food desert. That’s according to Holly Freishtat, the city’s Food Policy Director, who adds that there are two definitions of food deserts; the national definition and the Baltimore definition.