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For the second year, a local organization is aligning arts instruction with the new Common Core State Standards for math and English/language arts.

Does Baltimore love its children as much as it loves the Ravens?  Does Baltimore offer as much pre-school education as Tulsa, Oklahoma?

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The Maryland Board of Public Works unanimously approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) today that paves the way for work to begin on Baltimore’s 10-year school building plan.

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Although Head Start programs, designed to serve mainly disadvantaged, three- and four-year-olds, have been closed in six states because of the federal government shutdown, programs in Maryland appear to be safe for now.

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Residents get to tell Baltimore city school officials what they want in a new superintendent at five public forums this month.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Gwendolyn Glenn talk about how schools are adapting to the new Common Core Standards and why some want a moratorium on testing for this school year.

Stricter lending guidelines for federal school loans have made it harder to borrow money for college. Changes made in 2011 to the PLUS loan program especially have hurt historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, over the past few years.

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Maryland state education officials plan to seek a federal waiver to delay tying teachers’ evaluations to standardized test scores while they break in the new “Common Core” curriculum.

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Baltimore city schools are operating under a new code of conduct this year and not everyone is happy with it. One major change that has some parents, educators and union officials upset involves weapons.

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Nationwide, federal budget cuts brought on by sequestration eliminated more than 57,000 slots in Head Start, the program for low-income three and four year olds.