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Maryland education officials are making substantial progress in their efforts to develop new evaluation systems for principals and teachers. That’s according to a new independent report released today.

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About two years ago, Baltimore County officials announced a plan to provide all students with a computer and other high-tech devices. This year, they are testing that plan in ten Lighthouse schools where first through third graders are using computers daily in their lessons.

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At corporations, leadership matters. A lot. Think of the impact of the late Steve Jobs at Apple or Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg today, to name a couple.

CEOs often play a vital role in bolstering a company's performance, image and culture of success. (Although studies show that obscenely high CEO compensation isn't always the best incentive.)

Maryland’s Comptroller, Peter Franchot, is on a mission to make summer longer, and he gained a high-profile supporter at Wednesday’s Board of Public Works meeting. Franchot’s been pushing a petition to move the start of the school year to after Labor Day, and Gov. Martin O’Malley signed the petition at the meeting.

Franchot says the move would generate tens of millions of dollars for small businesses by extending the summer tourist season, and give families more time to spend together.

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School districts nationwide are struggling to find textbooks that are aligned with the rigorous Common Core standards for math and English Language Arts. Some critics say that’s because the controversial standards have outpaced resources.

According to a recent study by the Education Week Research Center, fewer than one-third of teachers nationwide say their textbooks are aligned with the Common Core standards. But Richard Weisenhoff, Baltimore County's executive director of academics, says publishers tell a different story.

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Schools opened in Baltimore City Monday and district officials were still hiring teachers. It’s the same in Baltimore County, where classes start Wednesday.

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About 25 Maryland physicians, who are members of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, demonstrated Thursday at Johns Hopkins University’s medical school to protest the school’s use of live pigs in teaching students.

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City officials announced Wednesday that streets near some schools will be designated as "safe routes" for students to walk or bike to school.

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A year after the Common Core education standards were rolled out, supporters and detractors continue to debate their value. For teachers, however, the more rigorous curriculum is a reality they have to accept.