Head Starts In Maryland At Risk

Mar 21, 2013
Gwendolyn Glenn / WYPR

Baltimore city’s Head Start program stands to lose more than $1.5 million in federal funding if sequestration cuts remain in effect. That translates into 200 fewer Head Start slots for children. Officials and parents are concerned about what the looming cuts will mean for Head Start programs such as the Emily Price Jones program on Eldorado Avenue.

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Transcript: Head Starts in Maryland at Risk

Mar 20, 2013


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Gwendolyn Glenn

These three- and four-year-olds attend the Emily Price Jones Head Start program on Eldorado Avenue in Baltimore City. They are finishing up their day with a snack just before their parents pick them up.


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Trisha McIntosh is here to collect her twins. She says in addition to the learning activities Head Start offers, it helps her save on daycare costs.

Empty Desks: The Effects of Chronic Absenteeism

Mar 8, 2013
H is for Home / Flickr via Compfight

The first installment in a year-long series.

In Maryland, more than 85 thousand students miss a month or more of school annually, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. About 17,000 of those students live in Baltimore city.

At Sarah’s Hope homeless shelter in Baltimore, shelter officials said 10-year-old Jacora Franklin misses school a lot. Sometimes it’s because her bus doesn’t show up, sometimes she’s sick and other times she just doesn’t feel like going—partly because she gets teased for being homeless.