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Democratic House and Senate leaders in Annapolis renewed their call Monday for Gov. Larry Hogan to spend money they fenced off for schools.


Fraser Smith and Bryan Sears, of the Daily Record, discuss the efforts of Montgomery County Senator Richard Madaleno to hold pension fund payments hostage for education money.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is holding firm on spending $68 million for an education funding formula for parts of the state where costs are higher, half as much as most Democrats wanted.

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Gov. Larry Hogan’s education platform will face its first big test today when a House of Delegates committee will take up his plan to reform Maryland’s strict charter school law.  Although some Democratic lawmakers have signaled interest in seeing a reform to Maryland’s strict charter law, many say the bill goes too far. Public schools advocates say the bill is a giveaway to national charter operators.

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A dozen years after Maryland passed one of the strictest charter school laws in the country, charter advocates are calling for changes to make starting and operating a charter school in Maryland easier.

At Patterson Park Public Charter School in East Baltimore principal Chad Kramer will show you what’s working about Maryland’s charter schools.  Middle schoolers are giving power point presentations on bloody Elizabethan sports, and kindergartners in Spanish class are up and about imitating animals.

Uncertain Future For Thousands In Charter School Lottery

Feb 13, 2015
Mary Wiltenburg


Baltimore City’s 32 public charter schools are holding their lotteries for next year’s students this week. All over town, parents are sweating it out as they wait for word about their kids’ applications.

Fraser Smith and WYPR's Christopher Connelly untangle the details behind Governor Hogan's budget proposal to both increase and cut the state's education funding.  

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Back at the start of the school year, before she could get her class at West Towson Elementary humming along in a regular routine, Bianca Crockett had to pull each of her 18 students from the classroom and individually give them the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, the KRA.

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  Two of the largest state employee unions say they’ve yet to get face time with Gov.-elect Larry Hogan or his top officials as the he draws up a budget likely to include big cuts. The incoming Republican governor will have to propose a budget two days after he’s sworn in next Wednesday, and he’s promised a drastic change from the business as usual of outgoing Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley, who had a strong relationship with teachers’ and state workers’ unions.

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Earlier this year, 20 Maryland teachers were paired with professional musicians, singers and other artists to develop week-long lessons connecting the arts with the Common Core standards.

The artists went through Common Core training, the teachers learned how to blend the arts into their instruction and the lessons the teams created together went live in some Maryland classrooms this week.