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  The governor’s race on the democratic side has gotten progressively more heated, and more negative. And the final TV debate before the June 24 primary featured a fair amount of mud slinging.  Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, Attorney General Doug Gansler and Del. Heather Mizeur faced off Monday night in front of an audience of undecided voters.

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Doug Gansler an Heather Mizeur answered questions geared toward a Charm City audience on Monday at a second Democratic gubernatorial debate at Baltimore’s Fox 45 television studios.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Donn Worgs of Towson University talk about why the prospect of Maryland electing its first African American governor has not been part of the campaign, aside from an early controversy last summer.

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Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial candidates squared off Wednesday in the first debate of the season.  Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, Attorney General Doug Gansler, and Delegate Heather Mizeur took to the stage at the University of Maryland- College Park. It was the first chance for voters to see and hear the candidates lay out their pitch for why they should be their party's pick to run the state. You can listen to a recap of the debate below.

Here's a measure of Maryland's Democratic tilt: Even an epic failure in launching the state's health care website isn't enough to derail the political fortunes of the official responsible for it. The Affordable Care Act is that popular.

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  At a recent candidates’ forum at Morgan State University, moderators Micheline Bowman and Marsha Jews were only partway through their warm-up chatter when Doug Gansler suddenly burst on stage from behind the curtains.

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The board of directors for Maryland’s health exchange are meeting this afternoon to decide what to do with the state’s problem-plagued web site. The vote will likely go for replacing the system – possibly using Connecticut’s highly successful system -- but even though the exchange is likely on its way to the trash heap, it remains a political football in the race for governor.

Gansler Gets Much-Needed Endorsement

Mar 19, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Luke Broadwater of the Baltimore Sun talk about the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance's endorsement of Atty. Gen. Doug Gansler for governor and why the IMA has historical been a powerful political force in Baltimore.

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Everyone makes mistakes – often they’re youthful mistakes – and everyone deserves a second chance. That was the message from supporters of the Maryland Second Chance Act in Annapolis on Wednesday when Senate and House committees held hearings. The legislation is intended to help people with minor crimes on their record by letting them shield those convictions from basic searches.

Rivals Compete For Prince Georges Votes

Feb 12, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and John Wagner of the Washington Post talk about Attorney General Doug Gansler's comments about Prince Georges County when he opened a campaign office there, and why all three Democrats in the race for governor need PG votes.