Court of Appeals

Hogan appoints legislative lobbyist to top court

Jun 1, 2016
Rachel Baye

Gov. Larry Hogan today appointed his legislative lobbyist, Joseph Getty, to the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals.

Freddie Gray case now awaits a Court of Appeals decision

Mar 4, 2016
Court of Appeals Webcast

The Freddie Gray case moved to Annapolis Thursday as the Court of Appeals heard arguments on whether or not police Officer William Porter could be forced to testify against his five fellow officers.

All six are accused in Gray’s death last year from a broken neck suffered while in the back of a police wagon; they face charges ranging from reckless endangerment to second degree depraved heart murder.

Court of Appeals Hear Arguments in the Freddie Gray Case

Mar 3, 2016
P. Kenneth Burns

Lawyers for the state and the six accused officers in Freddie Gray’s death will be arguing before the Court of Appeals Thursday morning at 10:00.  Click here to see the arguments in Annapolis as they happen.

judicial bench taken by Phil Roeder via flickr

Incoming governor Larry Hogan will have at least two vacancies to fill on the Maryland Court of Appeals. WYPR's Fraser Smith talks to Steve Lash of the Daily Record about how these judicial appointments are made and one particular Maryland case that's likely to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Added Costs Of Bail Reform

Aug 20, 2014

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Christopher Connelly talk about the new costs associated with providing lawyers to defendants at initial bail hearings and why the General Assembly may have put counties in a difficult financial position.

New Bail System Increases Fairness & Due Process

Jul 10, 2014
Tom Chalkley

The cause of greater justice in the courts advanced last week with little if any disruption.

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Steve Lash of the Daily Record talk about what legislative leaders and the Court of Appeals' new chief judge might do to deal with a 2013 decision that requires counsel be present at initial bail hearings.

Why Trial Lawyers May Not Be So Powerful In Maryland

Jul 15, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Ann Marimow of the Washington Post talk about Maryland's unusual practice of denying damages in civil lawsuits if the plaintiff is partially at fault for his or her injuries, and why the Court of Appeals recently placed the issue back in the General Assembly's hands.

Judge Bell's Legacy

Jul 10, 2013

WYPR's Fraser Smith and Steve Lash of the Daily Record talk about the career of former Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert M. Bell, and what he might do now that he is retired.

Maryland is poised to have a female majority on its highest court. First District Congressman Andy Harris is co-sponsoring a bill that proposes a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. A proposed ban on kiosks where people can turn in their old cell phones and electronics for cash has been put on hold in Baltimore City for at least three months. Plus: new leadership for MD’s Transportation Department and the MD Energy Administration, cracking down on drunk driving, a Monday tornado has been confirmed in PG County, and more.