Common Core Standards

Aligning Teacher Training With The Common Core

Nov 4, 2014
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The Common Core standards for math and English Language Arts have led to major changes in how elementary and secondary students are being taught. But some education experts worry that teacher training has not kept up with the changes.

Kate Walsh, President of the National Council on Teacher Quality, an education think tank that focuses on teacher preparation and effectiveness, says college education departments are not in step with the major changes the Common Core requires of teachers. “Higher education is traditionally slow at adopting changes that are happening at the K-12 level,” she said at an Education Writers Association conference in Detroit last month. “We're seeing little evidence of the Common Core being taught on campuses up until a year ago. That may be shifting, but what has happened at the K-12 level often doesn't manifest itself in the teacher training that's going on in those schools.”

Meshing Common Core And Arts Standards

Sep 11, 2014
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Textbooks Out of Synch with Common Core

Aug 29, 2014
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School districts nationwide are struggling to find textbooks that are aligned with the rigorous Common Core standards for math and English Language Arts. Some critics say that’s because the controversial standards have outpaced resources.

According to a recent study by the Education Week Research Center, fewer than one-third of teachers nationwide say their textbooks are aligned with the Common Core standards. But Richard Weisenhoff, Baltimore County's executive director of academics, says publishers tell a different story.

A Year Later, Teachers Still Learning Common Core

Aug 14, 2014
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A year after the Common Core education standards were rolled out, supporters and detractors continue to debate their value. For teachers, however, the more rigorous curriculum is a reality they have to accept.

Common Core: A Work In Progress

Aug 11, 2014
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With one year under their belts, Maryland teachers are still learning how to apply the more rigorous Common Core State Standards in their classrooms.

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  The Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee took up several bills yesterday aimed at fine-tuning the big changes happening in Maryland’s schools. Between Common Core, the Education Reform Act and Race to the Top, the last few years have set Maryland schools up for seismic shifts in the standards teachers teach to, the way teachers are evaluated, and the high-stakes standardized tests students take.

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Cell phones, health care and the Common Core standards dominated action in Annapolis this week.

Common Core is No More, Sort Of

Jan 10, 2014
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With confusion still swirling around the Common Core State Standards, it is no surprise that it is high on state and local education officials’ list of priorities for 2014.

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Baltimore County teachers repeatedly stuck figurative knives and forks in their leaders’ implementation of the controversial Common Core standards during their annual legislative breakfast over the weekend. Members of TABCO, the Teachers Association of Baltimore County, complained to local and state political leaders that they have been overwhelmed by a tsunami of reforms. It’s a wave that includes Common Core.

Union Says Common Core Overworks Teachers

Nov 20, 2013
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The Baltimore County teachers’ union has filed a grievance against the school board, alleging that the new Common Core curriculum makes teachers work too many hours.