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Shareholders Re-Elect Hewlett-Packard Board Members

Mar 21, 2013

HP will celebrate its 75th birthday next year. The company was once a technology giant. But with old products, a lack of vision and a revolving door at the top, the company has been having trouble.

Book News: Is Amazon Building A CIA Cloud?

Mar 21, 2013

The daily lowdown on books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's House GOP budget balances in a decade and re-shapes Medicare. That is, it would if the measure passed by the House on Thursday ever became law — which it won't.

Washington Sen. Patty Murray's Democratic budget raises almost $1 trillion in taxes by closing loopholes and adds $100 billion in new spending on infrastructure. But it won't become a reality, either.

Samsung's On A Roll, But Can It Beat Apple?

Mar 21, 2013

Samsung has been on a roll. The hype surrounding its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, created a buzz in the tech media — and chatter that Samsung was poised to eat Apple's lunch. But Samsung's long-term position in the smartphone market is more complicated.

Maryland Braces for Sequester Cuts

Mar 4, 2013
401(K) / Flickr via Compfight

Budget cuts known as the sequester began over the weekend (and this NBC News blog has a good explainer on the various numbers floating around).  Maryland, of course, will be hit harder than other states because of the many federal workers who live and spend their money here. Two percent of U.S. workers are employed by the federal government. For Maryland, that number is 5.6 percent.

How Fast is Your Neighborhood's Broadband Service?

Feb 26, 2013
National Broadband Map / NTIA & FCC

It's not easy to  connect with both nature and the Internet. Kelcie Pegher of the Carroll County Times wrote a piece over the weekend about the limited options rural residents have for getting high-speed broadband service. She used data from the National Broadband Map.